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Throughout the Covid-19 crisis, many heroes are continuously working hard to support and help their communities. We are offering specific evidence based practice dedicated to helping people involved in this pandemic, called the COPE model, starting the first week of May.

  • The Centers of Psychiatric Excellence (COPE) model for COVID-19 is a six session, individual telehealth intervention based on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) to address mental health troubles.
  • It uses acceptance and mindfulness strategies, together with commitment behavior change approaches, to increase psychological flexibility.

“Mental Health consequences of COVID 19: For individuals with exposure or potential exposure to COVID-19, mental health consequences may exacerbate or lead to anxiety and depressive states, increased suicides and unhealthy behaviors such as excessive substance use, aggression, or unhealthy eating habits. These occur as follows:
• Threat of contracting the virus can produce negative emotional states ranging from fear, loss of control, and helplessness.
• Social restrictions mandated to combat the spread of the virus can lead to feelings of isolation and loneliness which is already a public health epidemic. Recommendations such as hand washing and social distancing can worsen obsessive compulsive behaviors or social anxiety disorders.
• Disruptions in work and personal routine and economic impact on employment can worsen feelings of insecurity.

Goal of ACT: ACT is specifically designed for individuals to adapt to the negative emotions and behaviors as follows
• Individuals learn to change not the content of their experiences, but how they relate and respond to them.
• Individuals identify and clarify life areas that are meaningful to them and prioritize rich and vital life experiences, even in the midst of psychological or physical pain.
• Individuals learn values that inform and guide healthy behavioral decisions

After engaging in this 6-session course, individuals should be able to:
• Understand the negative emotional responses arising from a COVID 19 threat
• Become mindful of their own experiences and learn how to respond effectively
• Be able to use strategies within those processes to promote behavior change in themselves and their clients

If you or anyone you know are having trouble and need mental health support, please call us at (716) 895-6701 to set up a telehealth appointment from your home.