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Alcohol and Substance Use Disorder Services

Casual or routine use of alcohol, prescription drugs, and other controlled substances can rapidly spiral in abuse, dependency, and serious consequences.

Endeavor provides treatment for adults and adolescents whose substance use has impacted their career, education, relationships, or ability to manage a daily routine. We also provide Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT), intensive outpatient services, and a variety of special support programs for adults and adolescents. Our Chemical Dependency services include:

Adolescent Chemical Dependency Program

A unique initiative focusing on the treatment of adolescents, along with their family members, who are struggling with addiction issues. This program uses the Adolescent Community Reinforcement Approach (A-CRA) and Assertive After Care (ACC) interventions, which are both evidence-based programs for adolescents and families. These approaches focus on skill building and the strengths of those involved in the program.

Medication Assisted Treatment

Our MAT program is specifically tailored to meet the needs of adolescents and young adults, starting at age 12 and up. Individuals will work closely with a physician for medication to treat their addiction, as well as having behavioral health counseling. This holistic approach enables individuals to access a variety of health services in one place, making it easy to focus on recovery. We also offer several community based services through our status as a CCBHC, including, but not limited to:

  • Case management
  • Peer and family support services
  • Advocacy
  • Psychosocial rehabilitation (skill building)

Intensive Outpatient Services

This program is designed for those who are struggling with their use on a daily basis and helps to teach the basic skills for individuals to stay sober each day. The goal of this service is to divert individuals from needing to be referred to a higher level of care.

Health Monitoring and Nursing

At Endeavor, we focus on both the mental health and physical health of an individual. By offering health monitoring and nursing at our sites, we are able to provide holistic care that complements your clinical treatment and is convenient to access.

Peer Services

  • Family Peer Support Services – these services are an array of formal and informal services and supports provided to families caring for a child who is experiencing social, emotional, developmental, medical, substance use and/or behavioral challenges in their home, school, placement, and community.  Family Peer support services are provided by family members with lived experiences raising children experiencing various challenges.  The family members have the Family Peer Advocate (FPA) credential.  This service allows the child the best opportunity to remain in the community.
  • Adult Peer Support Services are peer delivered services with a rehabilitation and recovery focus.  They are designed to promote skills for coping and managing behavioral health symptoms and/or substance use while facilitating the utilization of natural resources and the enhancement of recovery oriented skills.  Peer support uses trauma-informed, non-clinical assistance to achieve long-term recovery from a behavioral health disorder and/or substance use. The Peers working with individuals with a behavioral health disorder have lived experience and the New York Certified Peer Specialist (NYCPS) credential.  The Peers working with individuals with substance use disorders have lived experience and the Certified Recovery Peer Advocate (CRPA) credential.


Being able to see people succeed is the best thing about being a peer. Clients go from not doing well and struggling, to having all the necessary supports, self sufficient resources, and encouragement towards sobriety.”  ~Amanda, Endeavor Peer Specialist 

Struggling woman supported by counselors