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  1. Book time for yourself and family as you would for any other important customer. We have customers at home, too!(I only wish my kids and grands did not live all the way across the country, but we can do many things through Facetime or Zoom. Be creative even if you can’t be in person!)


  1. Create family traditions…they’re the ‘glue’ that hold families together. Without the ‘glue’ of traditions, families come unstuck. (One of my favorite books, “CARE Packages for the Home – Dozens of Little Things You Can Do to Regenerate Spirit Where You Live,” is filled with all kinds of fun ideas for family traditions if you need help.)


  1. Hug more. They’re free, low calorie and returnable. (Oh, YES!!!!)


  1. Hang out with positive, talented people. Get rid of the toxic people in your life.(There is a wonderful quote that says every encounter we have with another human being leaves both us and the other person on a higher or a lower plane. Always try to be a person who lifts people up, not puts them down.)


  1. Treat yourself. Small, affordable treats are ‘celebrations’ that can make a big difference. For example, buy the best bed linens and biggest bath towels you can find…and every night will be like sleeping at the Four Seasons.  (I especially love clean sheets and new underwear!)


  1. Live with great design. Great design uplifts and inspires us. Bad design stresses and depresses us. Great design doesn’t have to be expensive. Buy any kitchen gadget by OXO. Great design for just 12 bucks. (This is a fun one – try Home Goods as well as the internet.)


  1. Use the alphabet to trigger new experiences. Be alive…be adventurous. Every month set a budget and commit to doing something that you’ve never done before that starts with the next letter of the alphabet. Start with picking Apples or trying an Australian wine or going to Al’s diner. Next month try Brie Cheese, Burgundy wine, or go to Boston. You get the idea…start with A, work through the alphabet till you go to the Zoo, or adopt a Zebra …then go back to A again.(LOVE this creativity. This is especially good for a longtime marriage or relationship when you need a little zip added! I also use the alphabet to remind my audiences to be grateful. Write something you are grateful for with every letter of the alphabet.)


  1. Give back…volunteer…practice random acts of kindness. When we make even a small difference in the lives of others, we make a big difference in our life too. (I would, however, suggest doing DELIBERATE acts of Kindness as well.)


  1. Travel…explore, expand your mind and enlarge your circle of friends. Get the book “A 1000 Places to See Before You Die.”  Pick a page…and go there. Then pick another page. (I LOVE this book. I periodically go through and mark all the places I have been – feels like I am experiencing them all over again. And many of them are not well-known, so when you are planning a trip anywhere, look at what is near where you will be, and you might find some gems. I have!)


All those things you’re saving for special occasions…get them out and use them now!  ‘Life’ is a special occasion!  (This is a great reminder for me as I tend to “save” things that are especially nice. I need to use my china and silver more often, too!)



Source: Barbara Glanz