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Sarah Bonk from Endeavor is interviewed about our Behavioral Health Team partnership with the Buffalo Police Department.

Endeavor Health Services is partnering with the Buffalo Police Department to embed behavioral health clinicians in the department to bridge the communication gap between the criminal justice system and the public. The goal is to provide immediate screening, assessment, de-escalation and diversion for individuals in need of support due to mental illness, substance use, poverty, domestic violence, homelessness, abuse, and/or trauma. Another objective of the program is to increase the overall trust, care management, and case management during police interactions. Endeavor’s mission is to thoroughly help develop alternative response plans. Three full-time clinical staff, and a program manager from Endeavor, will team up with six police officers and two lieutenants from Buffalo Police Department to form the Behavioral Health Team. The team will work under the direction of Captain Amber Beyer, the Crisis Intervention Team Coordinator for the Buffalo Police Department.  The Buffalo Police Benevolent Association recently approved the formation of the Behavioral Health Team.