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Endeavor Health Services announced the appointment of David V. Parisi as its new Chief Information Officer in April of 2020.

Responsibilities for the Chief Information Officer include overseeing information technology, business intelligence, data analytics, quality improvement, and EHR system configuration.

David has worked at Endeavor Health Services for the past 7 years in various roles, most recently as the Director of Business Intelligence. David has 21 years of experience in information technology, applications, and data experience. He received his Bachelor’s Degree in economics and Master’s Degrees from the University at Buffalo.

Since working at Endeavor in 2013, David developed the agency QI Team, and coordinated PDSA training. Results included the best outcomes of any CCBHC in New York State in 2018. He has served on Value Network CQI/Clinical and Data Analytics Steering Committees.

Prior to working at Endeavor, David worked at the Multidisciplinary Center for Earthquake Engineering Research (MCEER) at UB. While at UB, he led, coordinated and managed all systems analysis and IT projects at MCEER and managed the MCEER IT node. Prior to working at MCEER, David had been a full-time IT project leader, systems analyst, and programmer at Copeland Data Systems (now Copeland Technology Solutions).