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Tildabeth Doscher (far left) with other Phoenix House volunteers in Long Island. Photo: Courtesy of Tildabeth Doscher.

Dr. Tildabeth Doscher, who works with us at Endeavor Health Services, volunteered at the Phoenix House in New York City to help out during the Coronavirus pandemic for three weeks starting in March. Phoenix House is a nonprofit drug and alcohol rehabilitation organization operating in ten states with 150 programs. Programs serve individuals, families, and communities affected by substance abuse and dependency. Doscher said working with people with substance use disorder brings many challenges.
“There is a concern that the opioid epidemic is losing its voice in the midst of the COVID pandemic,” Doscher says. “The opioid epidemic has not disappeared … in fact, it seems that it may be worsening in the midst of the despair engendered by the current state of emergency.”
“I feel incredibly fortunate that UB gave me the opportunity to experience this unfathomable moment in the epicenter of the outbreak in the United States. It was good to feel that there was some small part I could play in helping relieve the shock and confusion and illness that was engendered by this microscopic foe, especially in the context of helping to care for a patient population that I feel honored to serve.”

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