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Our Clubhouse calendars for May and June are here! πŸ’™

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Here's your #OCD #reminder that #intrusivethoughts are not only a common symptom, but something totally manageable. You have permission to ignore them!

What is an "intrusive thought"? Intrusive thoughts are unwanted thoughts / images that pop into our heads without warning.
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We are expanding our services! Join us for a Virtual Job Fair on Friday, May 14th to see if Endeavor is the right fit for you.

Visit for our current job openings.

We hope to see you there!

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Whether it was childhood abuse, a toxic relationship, or something else altogether... you never have to forgive someone who has hurt you. Do what feels right & safe for YOU. #PTSD #ChildhoodAbuse #SelfCare EndeavorWNY photo

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