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We at Endeavor Health Services are heartbroken and extend our sincere condolences to the victims, their families, and the residents of East Buffalo, following Saturday’s racially motivated shootings. The loss of 10 of our beloved brothers and sisters, as well as injuries to 3 others, was an unfathomable act of hatred towards our neighbors, as they engaged in the everyday tasks of working or shopping for their families. The scourge of white supremacy and all other forms of racism and discrimination must be eradicated, as we at Endeavor firmly believe it is the responsibility of all members of Western New York to not allow this outsider and other like-minded individuals, to foster divisiveness in our community. We promote the shared values of diversity, compassion, and inclusion as our greatest source of strength.

We know that tragic incidents such as this, can result in trauma as well as feelings of fear, grief and loss for the victims, their loved ones, witnesses, and all members of the community. Endeavor Health Services has served residents of East Buffalo and all Western New York for the last 50 years and we pledge to continue providing our mental health expertise, skills, and support at this time, in an effort to promote healing, safety, and unity for all our neighbors.