It is a top priority to get masks to healthcare providers in order to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. We greatly appreciate Ali Barone, Founder and CEO of Lipstick Prophets, Inc., for donating masks to Endeavor Health Services. Through her GoFundMe account, called MAKE MASKS LA, Barone and her staff have been able to supply masks to various hospitals and healthcare facilities at no cost.

Ali Barone and her crew have been refining Ali’s design for the masks at Barone’s sewing factory in Los Angeles. They have been producing cloth masks and seeking funds to keep the factory safe and clean; buy more materials; compensate volunteers; and ship masks to all locations. After finding out that Endeavor needed masks for its staff, Ali sent a whole box of masks overnight. We gratefully thank Ali and her staff.


(Left) Vinnette Folkes, Supervisor at Endeavor Health Services
Elizabeth L. Mauro, LCSW-R, Chief Executive Officer of Endeavor Health Services

Fashion designer, Ali Barone, has been a director for fashion lines since 2004. Her company, Lipstick Prophets, Inc. is located in Los Angeles, California and offers a wide variety of design options sought after by high quality fashion lines.

Serving the community of Western New York since 1972, Endeavor Health Services is a private, not for profit, behavioral health organization that serves individuals challenged by mental health and addiction.

Our mission is to collaborate with clients, children, adults, families, and communities to promote wellness and recovery through a variety of mental health and chemical dependency treatment, education, and support services. For referrals or appointments, contact Central Intake at (716) 895-6701.